Arapahoe County 评估员's Office provides steps to protest property values

The appeals window has been closed. The deadline to file an appeal was June 8, 2023.

The 评估员’s Office recently mailed Notice of Valuation to county property owners. The assessments are in line with neighboring counties, ensuring fairness and consistency in property valuations. The 评估员 uses data from 33,00 sold properties during the base period, which spans from July 1, 2020年至6月30日, 2022. Read on for guidance on reviewing your property value statement and learn the steps required if you’d like to file a protest by the June 8 deadline. 

找到ing Your 财产's Value

To access the value of your property as of June 30, 2022, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Arapahoe County 评估员’s property 搜索 tool at Residential, Commercial, Ag, and Vacant Land Parcel 搜索
  • Locate Your 财产: Use the provided 搜索 options to find your property. 
  • Access 财产 Comparables: Once you find your property, you can access the comparable properties used to determine its value. Click the link "2023 Traditional Notice of Value", which is located in the upper right corner of the page.
  • 社区销售: If you intend to lookup Neighborhood Sales information,记下来 地区代码 in middle left of the page.

找到ing Neighborhood Sales Information

To view the sales information for your neighborhood, follow these steps:

Appealing 财产 Values

If you wish to protest your property's assessed value, the Arapahoe County 评估员's Office provides several options for filing an appeal:

  • 在线: Visit the Arapahoe County 评估员’s 网上抗议表格 and follow the instructions provided. 需要帮助? Follow these step-by-step instructions 与屏幕截图. 
  • 你也可以 下载表格 to print, complete, and submit in person, by fax, or by drop box.
  • 通过电话: Call the 评估员's Office at 303-795-4600 to discuss your concerns or initiate the appeal process.
  • 任命: 时间表 an appointment with the 评估员's Office to meet in person and discuss your appeal. Contact the office at 303-795-4600 to arrange an appointment.
  • 传真: If you prefer to submit your appeal by fax, 下载表格 and send it to 303-797-1295.
  • 继电器: For individuals with hearing or speech disabilities, use relay services by dialing 711 to contact the 评估员's Office.

Walk-in and Drop Box Locations

In addition to the above methods, you have the option to download and submit your appeal documents or other correspondence in person at the following walk-in locations or drop box locations:


  • Walk-in services are available May 1 through May 19. Appointments are strongly encouraged to avoid waiting in line.
  • Administration Building – 5334 S Prince St., Littleton, CO 80120
  • Altura Plaza – 15400 E 14th Place, Aurora, CO 80011


  • Littleton – Administration Building: 5334 S Prince St. Littleton, CO 80120 (Located in the Front) 
  • Centennial – Lima Plaza: 6954 S Lima St. Centennial, CO 80112 (Located in front of DMV)
  • Aurora – 690 S Chambers Road, Aurora, CO 80017 (Located in front of (DMV)
  • Aurora – Altura Plaza: 15400 E Chambers Road, Ste 500, Aurora, CO 80011 (Located inside lobby area)
  • Byers – Motor Vehicle: 538 US Hwy 36, Byers, CO 80103 (Located in front of DMV)


Please call the 评估员 Office at 303-795-4600 or email: