Respiratory virus season: Three tips for a healthier fall

The start of fall brings the beginning of respiratory virus season. Public health experts are predicting this year will be a moderate to severe respiratory virus season, 类似于 去年. What we do now, before the season gets fully underway, can keep our families safer and healthier. 

Arapahoe County Public Health recommends take the following steps to prevent illness:  

  • Update 你r vaccines: Everyone ages 6 months+ should get vaccinated against flu and COVID-19, and some older adults and infants may be eligible for RSV vaccination. If 你 have private insurance or Medicare, please contact 你r health care provider or local pharmacy to schedule 你r vaccine appointment. If 你 have Medicaid, or are uninsured or underinsured, our clinic can assist with vaccines as soon as our shipments come in, tentatively expected in October. Please call 303-734-5445 for more information.  
  • Update 你r knowledge: The end of the Public Health Emergency means changes in insurance coverage of COVID-19 vaccines, 测试, treatment and more. If 你 have private insurance or Medicare, call 你r carrier to check what is and isn’t covered, and make a plan for how 你 will access important services if 你 need them. In addition, federal government is once again providing a limited number of free test kits, and we recommend 你 order them to have on hand if 你 need them
  • Update 你r prevention strategies: The best medicine is prevention. Brush up on the best ways to prevent COVID-19, including washing 你r hands frequently, staying home when sick and avoiding high-risk, busy indoor spaces if necessary. Learn more prevention tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

To learn more about ongoing COVID-19 services, including more information about vaccines and prevention, please visit our website, CDC’s website 或者是 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s website. Please visit CDC’s website for more information about RSV or 流感